Expansion Joints for Cement Service

Bellows Technology have recently completed a project to supply a range of stainless steel expansion joints for cement service. The joints in question are a range of 400mm/16″ Nominal Diameter Single Axial and Double Tied Lateral expansion joints manufactured to operate at 4 Barg that have been specially designed for none other then cement as a flow media!


The joints terminate with ‘loose’ fitting carbon steel flanges at each end and comprise ‘van-stone’ facings, the benefit being that the flanges are free to rotate on the back of specially fabricated stainless steel facings thus ensuring stainless steel contact to all wetted parts, but without incurring the expense of stainless steel flanges.

The joints have also been designed in consideration of what is not only an abrasive flow media, but also an appreciable flow velocity, hence the joints have been provided with heavy duty 4mm thick stainless steel internal flow sleeves that not only protect the bellows membranes from ingress of solid material in the convolutions but also aid smooth flow of the contents so as to reduce resonance resulting from the system flow velocity.