Turbine Exhaust Bellows


Bellows Technology have recently delivered a 2,600mm nominal bore double universal expansion joint for the multi-million pound waste wood biomass energy plant in Transterne, Hull, UK. The expansion joint is to be situated between the turbine module and the main exhaust ducting and comprises a 2 ply 3+3 convolution bellows membrane manufactured in AISI 321 stainless steel and terminates with non-standard carbon steel flanges at each end, the bellows face to face length is 2,171mm. All welds on the expansion joint were subject to 100% Liquid Penetrant Inspection.

Our customer had been concerned about possible misalignment of the bolt holes during installation so the joint was manufactured with one flange shop welded to the outlet end and the inlet flange welded at site by the client.

Lead time on the joint was crucially important as the site was due to come on line in March 2017. Bellows Technology received the order on the 15th December and in order to achieve the deadline of 23rd January it was clear that we would have to manufacture the unit over the Christmas Holidays. By the start of January all of the pipe work was completed and the complete expansion joint you can see below was completed within the time frame.