Heavy Wall & Clam Shell Expansion Joints

Large diameter heavy wall expansion joint options are available from Bellows Technology. Roll formed single or multiply heavy gauge bellows configurations are used in a number of applications including Shell & Tube heat exchangers, Steam or Gas turbines, Chemical process, and Refinery technology, allowing axial, lateral or angular movement capability.

Our heavy gauge material forming processes allow us to offer higher pressure capable solutions at large diameters than most of our competitors.

This product type is also used for Clam Shell expansion joints. Clam Shell solutions are most commonly used in repair applications where an existing joint has failed in operation. The clam shell is provided in 2 halves which allows the new joint to be more easily installed in areas with limited access.

The clam shell can either be fitted over an existing failed joint and welded into the pipe system to create a sealed pressure capable repair or as a complete replacement where the existing joint is removed.

In the majority of cases as this product type is used in breakdown situations where turnaround time is of the essence, the Bellows Technology 24 / 48 hour service means that we can have your plant up and running again with the minimum down time.


1.8m to 4.0m dia

Length: To suit the application

Membrane options:

Single or multiply

Internal flow sleeves and liners

External protective shrouds

Clam Shell


300 series Stainless Steel,Nickel Alloys

Others On request

End Connections:

Flanged – PN, ANSI, JIS, V form

Fixed or Swivel flanges

Weld end, slotted

Others on request


Limit or control rods

Operating Temperatures:

-200c to 800c

Operating Pressures:

-1 bar to 25 bar

Specials on Request