Hinged or Angular Expansion Joints


Angular expansion joints incorporate a hinge assembly so as to allow angulation in a single plane. Hinged expansion joints are predominantly used in combination with other hinged or gimbal expansion joints to create ‘2-pin’ or ‘3-pin’ systems, by effectively converting significant axial movement in to small amounts of angulation.

As a ‘restrained’ expansion joint, the integral hinge design on an angular expansion joint restrains the pressure thrust generated by pressurisation of the system, therefore relatively light anchors and guides may be utilised as only minimal forces are transferred to the adjacent pipe work installation.

Hinged expansion joints can also be manufactured as ‘double’ hinged expansion joints so as to allow lateral deflection in one plane only through angulation of each of the bellows elements. This type of joint is often used within pipe systems carrying steam, water, oil and condensate.


50mm dia. to 3000mm dia.


To suit the application

Membrane options:

Single or multiply

Internal flow sleeves and liners

External protective shrouds


300 series Stainless Steel,Nickel Alloys

Others On request

End Connections:

Flanged – PN, ANSI, JIS, V form

Fixed or Swivel flanges

Weld end, slotted

Others on request


Hinge Mechanism

Operating Temperatures:

-200c to 800c

Operating Pressures:

-1 bar to 25 bar

Specials on Request