Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joints


There are two basic types of pressure balanced pipe expansion joints, those that are designed to accept only axial movements in straight pipe lines (commonly referred to as In-line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints) and those that are required to accept lateral and axial movements in combination due to a change of direction in the pipe line, the latter being characterised by an integral ‘elbow’ forming part of the expansion joint.

In situations where there is limited space or where sufficient anchoring of the system is impractical, pressure balanced expansion joints are an ideal solution given that they are ‘restrained’ joints, therefore only relatively light anchoring is required as the pressure thrust generated is contained by the integral tie-bar arrangement.


50mm dia. to 3000mm dia.

Length: To suit the application

Membrane options:

Single or multiply

Internal flow sleeves and liners

External protective shrouds


300 series Stainless Steel,Nickel Alloys

Others On request

End Connections:

Flanged – PN, ANSI, JIS, V form

Fixed or Swivel flanges

Weld end, slotted

Others on request


Tie rods

Operating Temperatures:

-200c to 800c

Operating Pressures:

-1 bar to 25 bar

Specials on Request