Single Axial Expansion Joints


The most commonly used style of all expansion joints, axial compensators incorporate a single ‘’set’’ of convolutions and are designed to absorb both thermal expansion or vibration within a pipe work system.

Axial expansion joints are classed as ‘’unrestrained’’ joints and as such it is essential that pipe anchors and guides are positioned to ensure correct pipe alignment and system fixing. If it is not possible to suitably anchor a pipe work system where an expansion compensator is required then a restrained (tied, hinged, gimbal or pressure balanced) solution would normally be selected.

Bellows Technology have consulted upon and supplied many thousands of Axial bellows over our trading history, and very rarely do we supply exactly the same product design to more than 1 customer. The combination of operating conditions, product life, materials selection, diameter, length, and end connections means that products are generally designed on a case by case bases, however utilising standard component parts within these designs allows us to be commercially competitive.


50mm dia. to 3000mm dia.

Length: To suit the application

Membrane options:

Single or multiply

Internal flow sleeves and liners

External protective shrouds


300 series Stainless Steel,Nickel Alloys

Others On request

End Connections:

Flanged – PN, ANSI, JIS, V form

Fixed or Swivel flanges

Weld end, slotted

Others on request


Limit or control rods

Operating Temperatures:

-200c to 800c

Operating Pressures:

-1 bar to 25 bar

Specials on Request