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Did you know we can replace Munro Miller expansion joints?

If you have existing Munro Miller expansion joints, Bellows Technology is the company to contact if you need to replace them.

We can design and manufacture products to replace any existing Munro Miller parts.

Whether rolled heavy wall, multi-ply, large or small diameter, exotic or standard material; we have the technical competence and manufacturing equipment to provide the direct replacement you need. We can also manufacture high pressure reinforced expansion joints.

munro miller expansion joint drawing
Munro Miller drawing
bellows re-engineered alternative expansion joint drawing
Our re-engineered alternative

Here’s a typical example of an existing Munro Miller product redesigned to current standards. In this case, the application was Off-Shore where the installation called for a suitable expansion joint to be fitted after the pump set in a fire water mainline system. 

All wetted areas of the expansion joint were manufactured in a specialist Monel 400 stainless steel material to give the best possible corrosion resistance in a saltwater environment.

The Munro Miller product we replaced was an elbow pressure balanced unit, specifically selected to avoid pressure thrust forces being imposed on both the pump set and valves that were also fitted within the piping schematic. Within the expansion joint, internal flow sleeves were installed to reduce the potential for turbulent water flow.

During the manufacturing process, specific quality systems were adopted, all component parts were dimensionally checked prior to assembly, all welding was undertaken with full weld procedures in place, with X-ray and dye penetrant tests also completed to ensure weld integrity. The completed unit was then pressure tested to the specified design pressure prior to a successful installation.  

Elbow expansion joint