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Bellows Technology is one of the fastest-growing solution providers of expansion joints, axial expansion joints, thermal compensators, and flexible components.

We operate across two UK sites with our Derbyshire base manufacturing larger industrial products and West Yorkshire supplying small diameter products lines.

Our wide product range provides solutions for many industry sectors, with a successful history of supply across five continents.

We supply products to industrial and commercial customers supporting OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)  build projects, providing bespoke solutions for critical applications, and urgent spare parts for service and aftermarket within marine, power & energy, utilities, offshore and rail amongst others.

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Teconnex Ltd

In 2017, Bellows Technology Ltd was acquired by Teconnex Limited, a world leader in manufacturing joint solutions across its global facilities.

With their continued investment in both people and equipment, Bellows Technology has strengthened its presence in the UK as well as reaching customers across Europe, Asia, and America.

Teconnex has now expanded from clamps and Bellows into the world of power, aerospace, automation, tooling and more in the future.


Hexadex Ltd, based in Lincolnshire, UK, is the holding company for a global group of engineering companies.

Hexadex has five operating subsidiaries, including Teconnex Ltd, which manufactures high-quality engineering products in a diverse range of industries.

The group has successfully grown over 40 years and now has around 1000 employees based at 14 manufacturing locations in seven countries.