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We have the capabilities to develop Bellows Technology for a wide range of automotive & Off-highway applications. Our skilled designers can quickly assess your technical problems to provide easy to install serviceable solutions.

Solutions can be designed to handle higher temperature applications considering vibration, axial, lateral, and angular movements ensuring we tackle all the challenges your project faces.

As part of the Teconnex Ltd family, we are also able to combine our latest clamp technologies as part of any assembly, to reduce product weight, allow easy installation, solve problems of pipework misalignment and reduce connection leakage.

Our in house testing facilities allow us to complete cyclic fatigue testing at operating temperatures as well as a leak, proof pressure, and load testing. Helping our customers with product validation wherever possible. 

Bellows Technology can be found in:

  • Turbo Charger assemblies
  • Turbo to after treatment pipework
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Exhaust outlet stack
  • EGR Cooling

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