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We are here to help ease the stress on your building’s infrastructure by designing technology through extensive analysis. 

The movement of pipework without stress is pivotal for any building structure because when fixed pipework sees temperature variation or infrastructure movement, the result can be costly and time-consuming with the system potentially breaking free from fixing and anchor points.

Our experienced Design and Application engineers utilise CAESER II to confirm our expansion joint and pipe anchoring selections to ensure we have controlled movement with the correct supports and fixings.

Our aim is to provide the most suitable expansion joints for the application that provide reduced pipework stresses and therefore wherever possible allow the use of smaller anchors and guides ultimately saving cost on the equipment packages and making installation quicker and simpler.

Bellows Technology are the only UK company who technically specify and manufacture expansion joints as well as provide the pipework stress analysis and supporting guides and anchors to the Building Services sector. Making us the one-stop-shop for any new construction project and giving you the confidence that you are talking to the pipework movement experts.

Bellows Technology can be found in:

  • High-rise building
  • Commercial and Industrial facilities
  • Leisure & Hospitality structures
  • Hospitals & Educational buildings
  • Building renovation and Upgrade

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