Bellows group 3 with floor scaled

Instrumentation & Scientific Bellows

We have the ability to design and manufacture bellows products as a single component or as part of a product assembly.

Products can be manufactured with a variety of end connections ensuring trouble-free integration within a larger system.

Diameters are available from 6mm – 100mm and with material thicknesses from 0.1mm – 2mm thick in a single-ply configuration.

Materials are selected to suit the customer application but 321, 304, 316, and Monel Stainless Steels, Inconel 718 and 625, Brass, and Phosphor Bronze are common. 

In house product validation is available to include:

  • Cyclic movement testing at temperature
  • Thermal Test
  • Pressure Cycling
  • Leak and Hydrotest testing – Air, Water, Hydraulic
  • Helium test - Mass spectrometer
  • Spring rate test

As a business, we work within the following quality management systems including ISO9001:2015, AS9100, and IATF16949 so we have all the background design, process control, and quality procedures in place to ensure reliable and repeatable supply.   

End Connectors:

Here we have a range of standard end connections used for bellows integration into a pipework assembly. By bringing together Bellows Technology with Teconnex V clamps we also offer solutions to solve problems of pipework misalignment at installation.

Please see a selection of our end connectors:

Standard End Connectors:

welded pipe ends into bellows
Pipe End for welding straight into Pipe work
weled bolted flanges bellows section
Welded bolted flanges
Bolted Flanges - Welded, PN, ANSI, JIS, Others
Welded bolted flanges bellows 90 degree return
Welded bolted flanges bellows 90 degree return
Bolted Flanges
1 End Welded, 1 End Swivel (Vanstone)

Specialist End Connectors:

Machined welded flanges bellows
Machined welded flanges bellow section
Machined V Flanges with gasket and clamp assembly
floating flanges bellows 90 degree return
Floating flanges bellows 90 degree return section
Retained Machined V Slip Flange for easy assembly
machined welded flange bellows slip joint
machined welded flange bellows slip joint section

Machined Flange and Slip Joint assembly for axial joint compensation at installation

Machined welded flange bellows spherical
Machined welded flange bellows spherical sections
Machined V Flange and Spherical Joint for Angular Misalignment at installation